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The Process

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To be able to table a complete Charter for Regions, that takes everyone’s concerns into account, we held a vast citizen consultation throughout 2021:  

20 virtual, non-partisan consultations that were open to everyone in all of Quebec’s regions;

Consultations with regional and local consultation bodies as well as provincial associations;

Ad hoc consultations with people possessing expertise or a specialization in regional development;

Invitations to the Chiefs of the different indigenous and Inuit nations.

We worked with party members and MNAs to formulate this project.

The Charter for Regions is about enhanced equality of opportunity for all Quebecers in all of Quebec’s regions. The Charter for Regions is about greater justice for the development of all of our regions. The Charter for Regions is the next Quebec Liberal Party government’s vision for our regions.


“ Quebec needs a government that governs for all Quebecers guided by strong principles of autonomy. ”

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